FKN Headquarters
Administration Building

The new administration building of the company Fenster Keller Neuenstein is located at the entrance of the main street to the historic town of Neuenstein, in Baden-Württemberg. The typical field stone walls that border the fields and vineyards in this rural setting are used in the project to accompany the path on the property and to form the base of the new building. The extension mediates between the level of the street level and the higher level production yard, in line with the existing building the new building was designed as a steel skeleton structure with a curtain wall. The extension forms a delivery yard with the existing buildings.

Investitions Bank
Headquarters IBB

The renovation and expansion of the office tower of InvestitionsBank Berlin, built in 1970, is the realization of the first prize from an invited competition procedure.

The former IBB building was completely asbestos-renovated and then completely renovated, rebuilt and expanded. Connections were made between the different parts of the building and the entrance situation changed. The distinctive facade of the tower building reflects the new identity of this public institution.