Art Center



Göttingen University

13.503 m²


The new volume is conceived as an annex and connecting building, integrating the old library and bordering on the old Humanities building, thus incorporating the existing volumes and becoming part of a new, intended one.  The new volume is ideally positioned in the centre of the block, resulting in an attractive campus landscape that can be put to use. The inner courtyard shaped by the new volume houses a sheltered and secluded garden that is closely associated with the library. 

The architectural concept complements and engulfs the existing internal and external spaces. Outside, the office and institute rooms of the programme are added to the building volume, while inside, the “library fjord” that is connecting all programmatic contents in a functional and contents-related way is cut into the volume. Like a beating heart, the library forms the centre of all research-related institutions.

The incised fjord creates a continuity between the interior and the quiet inner courtyard within the exterior, resulting in a combination of generosity and spatial continuity.

The curved façade line of the inner courtyard, contrasting with the functional outer edge, provides the space with its architectural quality.