Museum Neu am Karlsplatz

Blick vom Karlsplatz


Wien Museum Projekt GmbH

GFA  16.000 m²


The new Wien Museum melds the existing buildings into one ensemble. It establishes a clear structure for the museum complex creates visual orientation and enforces the relation between the WMN and the Karlskirche. The Volumes of the WMN are developed to accomplish an ideal city layout. Volumes are “extracted” from these ideal urban shapes to mediate between the city layout and the demands of the buildings’ functions. The resulting courtyards add to the ensemble’s urban identity.  Filling these spaces with public functions enables the origin of a lively, public space and strengthens the museum’s visibility in the city. The slightly elevated “Wienraum” will provide space for different activities and events hosted by the WMN, acting like a display window and engaging directly with passer-bys.