Mediacity Quartier
Residential and commercial building

Ansicht Kurt-Eisner-Straße

Residential, Commerce

Sun Realty & Development

GFA app. 11,480 m²

2014-in construction

The site is located within a turn of the century district of Leipzig, which is dominated by small scale buildings with a distinctive roof landscape. The new building extends along three streets and closes the fragmented perimeter block with one large scale infill building. The new construction has a much bigger volume than its historic neighbours. In conformity to the design regulations, the architecture has to adapt to the context and therefore reminisces the tripartite division of historic facades.

The natural terrain slopes down by 1 metre alongside the longest façade, these different levels are balanced through the façade design as well as by introducing different levels in the ground floor. The building’s ridge and eaves heights follow the typical heights in the neighbourhood. Also the roof pitch blends into the historic roof landscape. The design of the street facades establishes a link to the historic tripartite façade division. The design offers a modern reinterpretation of this principle, and divides the facades into base, middle and cap. Contemporary materials abstract the volume and create a monolithic appearance. The middle zone is structured by bay windows – which are typical for local historic buildings. The style of the courtyard facing facades differs from the street facades. Generous openings connect inside and outside, each flat has its own balcony or terrace.

The perimeter block encloses a courtyard, accessible through the staircases and an additional entrance from the basement car park. The courtyard’s appearance is dominated by an old conker tree, next to recreational space for the residents the garden also offers a playground area and additional bicycle parking. Two ground floor commercial units face the main street, flats are oriented toward the courtyard and one of the side streets. The upper floors exclusively contain flats. Maisonettes are located in the roof floors. Most flats stretch from the streets to the courtyard and the floor plans are adapted to the deep building. Bedrooms and study rooms are predominantly north facing, living and dining areas are mostly south facing. Big openings towards the courtyard provide daylight for the living and dining areas. Bathrooms and storage space separate bedrooms from living areas and use the flats’ darker middle zones. Also the kitchens are located in these areas, but can be connected with living and dining areas by opening large sliding doors and daylight enters these rooms. A basement car park accommodates all necessary parking spots for residents and commercial units.

Landschaftsarchitektur: stanka landschaftsarchitektur