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Courtyard Perspective

Masterplan Campus


The program is distributed in two stripes which, like in a double helix, buildings and circulation intertwine in order to create a strong relationship between each other while establishing faculty courtyard spaces with their own identity. The points of intersections become connectors between all parts. The array of staggered volumes creates a study village. The volumes are oriented towards the inner and outer parts of the campus, while creating individual centres and a seamless rain free transition between the faculties.

A wide atrium is established in the buildings and it becomes the “learning street”. This multi layered space serves as a learning area, enhancing study space options and serving as a place for small group learning / student teacher interactions. The “learning street” is both a flexible learning space for all faculties and part of the campus circulation.

A high amount of porosity in the volumes of the buildings secures natural ventilation to create climate adaptive buildings. The porosity creates spaces that mediate between inside and outside, as well as establish a relation to the surrounding context.

The intersections offer the opportunity for the allocation of interdisciplinary functions, such as the industry linkages to connect the individual research departments, as well as providing social meeting points to include smaller cafeterias, libraries or open learning and gathering spaces.

The implemented concept of CDIO-principles, enhances all four entities of engineering „conceive - design - implement - operate“. We understand that the entities function best in a circuit that promotes both personal learning and the development of innovations. For this reason the various disciplines, become inseparable in our design creating a system rather than a building.