Hebebrand District
Residential, Commerce, Recreation


Residential, Commerce, Recreation

Free and Hanseatic City of Hamburg

Project area app. 27 ha, GFA app. 172,483 m²


The new Hebebrandquartier is a new residential district, located between two - very different boroughs - City Nord and North Barnbeck. The new residential buildings create a “hinge” between the low and dense urban fabric in the east and the large scale, detached buildings in the west and mediate through their size and urban structure between the different scales and atmospheres. An alternation of individual buildings and perimeter blocks creates a lively and liveable neighbourhood.

The urban structure of Barnbeck, with its small scale residential buildings and perimeter blocks, is introduced as a base pattern in the new district. At the same time, proportions and size of the individual building blocks and of the public space relate to the urban texture of City Nord. The perimeter blocks in the northern part of the district contain a mix of social housing and owner-occupied flats. Privately funded attached houses define the character of the southern part. An existing cluster of allotments separates the northern and the southern part of the district.

Unlike the City Nord, Hebebrandquartier is no mono-functional commuter community, but retains diverse urban programmes. Additional infrastructural programmes have been added to the new district, such as a small shopping centre, kindergartens, a youth centre and a community centre for the elderly. These functions foster the connection between Hebebrandquartier and its neighbours and help to create a socially sustainable community. The community buildings are located on and around the public squares – occupying special locations within the new urban grid.

A sequence of public spaces defines the centre of Hebebrandquartier. These public areas form a central plaza with generous green areas. This green spine connects, together with the allotments forms the green lung of the borough and has a positive impact on the micro climate of the surrounding area.