Binh Duong
Vietnamese German University
Masterplan Campus

Wohnen, Gewerbe, Naherholung

Freie und Hansestadt Hamburg

Plangebiet ca. 27 ha,  BGF ca. 172.483 qm


The idea of the project is to create a unique design for the Vietnamese German University campus in Ho Chi Minh City, which embodies the nature of a typical middle European campus. The campus in the city, interpreted as “the campus as city”, is not only a powerful image but also an opportunity to creating a new urban stimuli for the new urbanisation in the area.


The rectangular shape of the campus is structured by ribbons of buildings separated by streets which are interrupted by a vivid rhythm of alleys, typical to informal quarters in Vietnam. Superimposed to this, is the diagonal boulevard that links the main campus entrance with its various parts. The central formal green - the Broadway -, represents the main artery of the campus´ "soft infrastructure" and leads directly into the heart of the campus. Pedestrian circulation, water retention and recreational high quality outdoor spaces can be found in the green vein.


The central space at the crossing of the grid and the creek is flanked by two key buildings: the lecture hall and the library. These iconic landmark buildings identify and make visible the centre of the campus. The student accommodation is placed on the edges of the camps.

Applying the method of weaving the functions of the program together, with soft and hard tools, to create unique buildings that not only respond to the specificity of the project, but also to the location and climate. We found ourselves designing a small city with many different functions of daily use and last but not least a student friendly environment.