Villen in der Berliner Vorstadt

In der achse


Hochtief AG project development

GFA app. 11,480 m²

2014-in construction

The protected district of the Berliner Vorstadt is located between the former "Berliner Tor", in a northeasterly direction, the " Tiefen See ", " Heiligen See ", "Jungfernsee" and in close proximity to the historical park of the Neues Garten. This district of Potsdam is one of the most desirable residential areas and is mainly characterized by stately mansions and expansive gardens. The famous Glienicker Bridge defines the entrance to the "Berliner Vorstadt", thus connecting Berlin with Potsdam via the BerlinerStraße.

In line with the zoning plan of the city of Potsdam and the developers wishes, an urban planning scheme for the further development of the interior of this large block was developed

The villas, which are designed as luxury residences, are grouped around a small enclave that generates added value from being inside the green block. A small community is created, which ensures a reliable and intimate neighborhood. The former fruit orchard will reassess itself and shape the future character of the green block interior space, while offering large private gardens and a unique architectural concept.

The courtyard house typology provides the ability to group the different rooms around a courtyard. The courtyard in turn has a relationship with the surrounding greenery. The building mass can be subdivided in order to allow a variety of uses; the inhabitants may choose to use the whole house at once, while creating interesting connections between the various spaces through the inner courtyard. Optionally a home office or a smaller guest unit can be subdivided and used as a separate entity.