Eternal Golden Castle Historic Parks
Park, Museum, Center for Visitors and Entrance Pavilion

Museum Decken

Park, Museum, Center for Visitors and Entrance Pavilion

Tainan City Government, R.O.C.

Park: 247.000 m² / Gebäude: 7.000 m²


The theme is to create a reverberation of the waterfront line - between land and water - in order to maximize the amplitude of the lagoon front. By establishing parallel and intertwining lines to the coastline, a tension between these is induced, resulting in zones of intense public attraction and leisurely activities.

The main architectural element creates a new artificial horizon, which enables the citizens of Tainan to fully enjoy the waterfront by providing sun and partial shade, protection from high water levels while attempting to display the evidence of the historical past and to retain the given natural environment.

The moulded artificial horizon bundles the program in two main epicentres which reflect the required program, adding to the tourist attraction of the existing Eternal Castle, and by putting all three gravitational centres in relationship to each other. The Modern Art Museum is located at the end of the Yonghua Road, in the axis of the city, thus occupying a very accessible and visible situation.

The Deyang Warship area and its ticketing facilities are associated to the Café, generating more outdoor spaces for lingering and strolling. The cultural promenade thus creates both a timeline of the history of Taiwan and new spaces for public amenities. The spaces adjacent to the artificial horizon roof structure are scaled to the dimensions of the user groups, generating intimacy where necessitated and open gathering spaces appropriate for their foreseen utilization.