Day Care of Zeppelin Elementary School BerlinDeutschland2021Education
Apartment Building with Commercial Space PragerstraßeLeipzigDeutschland2021Residential
Various Renovations of the Chancellery of the BundBerlinGermany2021Administration
Energetic Renovation and Refurbishment of the Sports Hall of Heinrich-Böll SchoolBerlinGermany2021Education
Korean War Memorial Park for Civil VictimsNangwol-DongSouth Korea2020Competition
House at Templiner LakeTemplinGermany2020Residential
Goethe Institute RigaRigaLatvia2017Cultural

The planning is limited to the furnishing of the rooms; interventions in the stock are kept as small as possible.All planned pieces of furniture are designed in such a way that they can easily be taken along when relocating the institute to new rooms. The individual furniture can be rebuilt at the new location in a different configuration tailored to the new spaces. Also, the colour scheme of the furniture is kept as possible that they can be easily inserted into any room. In addition, a new RFID system will be installed for the library.

Reconstruction of the Entrance Area and Library of the Goethe-InstitutBudapestHungary2016Cultural
Goethe InstituteBratislavaSlovakia2013Cultural
Development Study on WannseeBerlinGermany2012Residential
Apartment Building in Teplitzer StrasseBerlinGermany2011Residential
Detached HouseBersenbrückGermany2011Residential

The single family house is situated in Bersenbrück, close to the city Osnabrück in a small village context. Positioned near the main street of Bersenbrück, the building inserts itself into the small scale of its context. The building is divided into several programmatic components which have been fragmented into even smaller parts to create an architectural solution that deals with the scale of the context. Dependent on the degree of the privacy and of their function the areas are combined into three groups. The most intimate range of the house, which accommodates bedroom, bathroom, as well as a private SPA realm, is oriented to the garden. The central part of the building represents the transition between private and public sector. It shields the private garden from the open entrance court. The third body contains the garage. Large cuts in the volume of the building on the south and west side open the interior space to the garden and form within the perimeter of the building a protected buffer zone between interior and outside space.

Neubau Historisches Archiv, -Kunst und MuseumsbibliothekBerlinGermany2011Cultural
Attached and Detached HousesGapyongSüdkorea2009Residential
Training and Development Center ZschortauLeipzigGermany2009Education
Residential and Commercial Building at Savignyplatz 6 StudyBerlinGermany2009Administration
Open Air Museum Delphic Games JejuSouth Korea2009Cultural
Taihu New CityWixuChina2008Urban Planning
Jeongok Museum of PrehistoryGyeonggiSouth Korea2006Cultural
World Trade Center MemorialNew YorkUSA2003Competition

No memorial can be more powerful than the site itself. The aim is not to add to what is there, but clarify and reveal the specific qualities of the site itself. The design uses simple elements – stone, glass, nature, light and gentle changes in elevation to create living places for contemplation, commemoration, and community.

Art and Design MuseumIngolstadtGermany2000Cultural

The city of Ingolstadt praised a competition for a museum of design and art within the core of the old town. The property is located on the edge of the old town directly on the Danube. In the neighborhood there are other institutions that relate to the city and the river.

Service Center WasserbanhofBonnGermany2000Urban Planning

The project is the result of an open competition procedure for the waterfront of the City of Bonn. The brief asked for the redefinition of the river Rhine waterfront, as well as for the design of the new access to the water station from the city.

The design foresees a new service building with a ticket sales office at the foot of a Rhine bridge, mediating between the level of the city and the flood area of ​​the Rhine. The tower building becomes a landmark, a reference point both visible from the river as and the city. Seen from the water, the tower represents the city at the river´s edge and by means of its height enters into a dialogue with the towers of the historic city centre. Seen from the perspective of the city, the tower marks the ferry terminal location.

Apartment Building PappelalleeBerlinGermany1997Residential

The project was commissioned by a municipal housing association, which after reunification in Prenzlauer Berg committed to improving living standards. The project was realized with the help of the social housing program of InvestitionsBank Berlin.

Karl Liebknecht Str. Dufourstr LeipzigGermany1996Urban Planning
Städtebau Rotaprint BlockBerlinGermany1993Urban Planning
Aedes Architecture GalleryBerlinGermany1989Cultural

Die Galerie Aedes West befindet sich in den S-Bahn Bögen der Passage zwischen Savigny Platz und Bleibtreustraße, einem sehr belebten und charakteristischen Quartier des Stadtteils Charlottenburg. Die Nutzungen als Architektur Galerie, Forum und Café verteilen sich in drei Bögen, die sich als Ladenfront zur Straße präsentieren.

Jewish MuseumBerlinGermany1988Cultural

Libeskind mit Bates, Stankovic, Terragni+Vido