Housing Chausseestrasse 121




9.700 m²


The adjacent new development that includes a hotel (Ramada) and a block of condominiums situated behind it closed the street front and gave rise to a double-row development for different uses. Both uses profit from their immediate environment. The hotel profits from its street-ward orientation while the residential development is oriented towards the landscaped interior of the block.

The objective of the infill on the Chausseestr. 121-122 property is to enable users to experience the quality of the property and its depth.

The long front of the southern firewall continues to point out the length of the property. However, it is being landscaped and turned into a vertical garden, becoming a desirable orientation for the new uses of the development.

The space between the street-facing façade and the neighbouring building serves as a passageway and a view axis, exposing the green garden on the fire wall. The passage is particularly  perceivable since it is in the line of sight of Schlegelstrasse. The area between the vertical garden and the new building contains the public space that its reaching out to visitors inviting them to enter the property and walk along the ‘Catwalk’. to explore the depth of the property. At the same time, this interspace serves as an access to the hotel, the apartments and the ground-level uses (café, conference hall, possibly gallery etc). The widening of the ‘Catwalk’ in this area leads to patio-like open spaces that will be particularly busy due to the concentration of uses and activities.

The landscaped gable wall is meant to become an attraction and distinctive feature of the property. The vertical garden made up by multiple layers of greening and planting keeps the gable wall green all year round.